Gary Jenkins “The Beauty of Oil Painting”

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Gary Jenkins “The Beauty of Oil Painting” Visit them at:


tbutler587 says:

this painting is so beautiful and you’re so inspiring to watch! you make it look so easy :D loveee it!

Jaime Higinio says:

that are bery god, a feel that are so easy, congratuletions.

PurteeKitty says:

So beautiful Gary! I’m a fan. P.S. Your wife has a beautiful name as welll… my name is Kathryn also ;)

MrsBooklover55 says:

I am unable to get you on TV so really enjoy these you tube videos. Thank you for sharing such beauty. Gary and his wife are awesome!!!!

loretta magnani says:

Gary , are very very big. I love your to work.

NexusTheGrand says:

All great artist are full out crazy but its for a reason. Those who are crazy can really understand how everything fits together and how everything works. Gary might seem insane but like all great men its all about how insane you truly are .

Cherchemi Abdelkrim says:

I like very much the way Mr Gary Jenkins is working very simply and making so wonderful and
multicolor roses, to offer an easy kind of drawing and finishing a nice picture.

Ivanisedf says:

I love your work! Great!!!

jon mccain says:

Saw this dude while on acid at about 3 am. Been watching his vids ever since

ArtTortoise says:

I know you probably won’t email back that’s fine . Just thought I would let you know
That my dad and me use to watch you on tv
I miss you I know how popular you are!
Just thought I would say how much he did
Enjoy your show as I am still looking and waiting all by my self being the only artist now I miss you !!!

iansgigi says:

I love your work.!!!!

topazlake85 says:

It was wonderfully entertaining ! Thank you Gary for sharing your experience and enthusiasm :)

felicityart says:

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this lesson, dear Gary! You are amazing! I am going to buy your DVD and book now! Thank you!!!

MannsAman says:

Really very beautiful..even my words are not enough to praise your totally new to paintings ..have hobby to paint but diidnt learn from anywhere n anyone..just wanna know how did you do the base of the painting..!

Kelly Crowther says:

you have been an absolute inspiration and are such a wonderful teacher and so euntheusiastic, i wish i lived closer for classes! thank you for the wonderful interesting lesson!!!

Daniel Pafitis says:

Great Work..!
I Love It ! :)

Medina30000 says:

Вот это красота,как живые в жизни подобного не видела

MickeyT54 says:

With all due respect to many other artists on PBS , the internet, dvd’s, etc’s….I respect Garys artistic skill the most. Why? Because Gary not only paints florals that can make you cry (from pure joy) but he can paint any subject with the same skill level. Gary taught me and a friend florals many years ago in New London, CT, after we had graduated form the Bob Ross teacher training seminars. He is the most generous teacher I have had. You are learning from the best!

Isabel Messias Silva says:

That’s so beautiful! Congratulations and thank you:)

Norry82 says:

love it, gary is a beautifull painter.
margaret, a new fan.

TheCorySimpson says:

I watch him every tuesday! He and his wife are my favorite!

loretta magnani says:

he’s very clever painter.

hetal avisha says:

Thank you for this lovely video… very informative…

Patricia Lambert says:

Very informative and entertaining!

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