Oil Pastel Techniques : Using Pastels on Canvas

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When painting on canvas using oil pastels, the larger size pastels work well to apply more medium into the nooks and crannies of the material. Blend colors together on canvas with creative tips from an art instructor in this free video on using oil pastels. Expert: Sheila Coly Contact: www.thousandcranesstudio.com/ Bio: Sheila Coly is an artist with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


Darinne Ner says:

but she didnt do the bottom

Tatyana Bondareva says:

Thanks for the tutorial! I would like to know how do you frame oil pastel painting on canvas? Does it have to be framed in a glass frame or not?

Libellule Berries says:

i have the smallest size pastels.. :(

FrantasticFrantasy says:

What is the best kind of paper to use with oil pastels if I want to practice before investing in canvas? Is the regular pastel paper okay?

SarahsCanvas says:

take a look at my oil pastel pet portraits!


FredrikVideos says:

Try Sennelier Oil Pastels

oomgoku says:

A great video, but why I can’t use my finger to blend the color?

shorka61 says:

Sennelier Oil Pastels are what I used, regular and jumbo sized.

MsBirdman123 says:

what are the best pastels to use ive got some that dont work all that well its more like a giant crayon

therealsmartone says:

It’s wonderful! Hooray she’s left handed just like me!! I love it!! Awesome!!!! I love the picture,the everything!! I’ll try to do it!! It’s so wonderful I’m impressed I want to be just like her!! She’s a great art master it looks realistic it’s like picture taken :)))

saravegz55 says:

so easy!!

arianaGrrandeluv says:


kahochan13 says:

Cool! I’m excited to try it!

kiraqify says:

i dunno but if i don’t master pastels i won’t paint much because i can’t stand all the troubles for actual paint

cracks21229 says:

Me too! I see so plainly what they are doing, but when I go to try it, nada. Everything they do seems almost by chance and carefree. Maybe I tense up too much when my pastels hit the paper.

happyfeetlaura says:

canvas :L

joheart143 says:

was that a canvass? , or a paper?

sydneylalane says:

This came in handy!

MegaPancake100 says:

Do you have a video for finishing the water on this?

DominicRCWC says:

shes left handed.. XD

DominicRCWC says:

jumbo, hehehe she said

badbad123wee says:

Does anyone know what type of oil pastels she’s using?

msfashionlover says:

well she had to do the demo with something and this is really helpful to aspiring artists like myself

kiraqify says:

lol.. cheers *clink* lol

xarmant says:

hahaha so funny.. it’s the same with me. i could say “at laaast” too. does it feel like discovering the secret recipe? never mind about your family: they will be much worried if you become an artist.. hahaha

lepon98 says:

Thats locking bader than my Ass!

pumkin54 says:

Those giant Senneliers are like 8-10 bucks a pop. It pains me to see them wasted in a demo like this.

japanlove4rmcali says:

i agree if your gonna use a canvas just use oil paints or acrylics ! that just looks like coloring with crayons

Lauritheartist says:

Blending is the one of the reasons I love oil pastels!!! lol Great tutorial! I’ve been wanting to draw a sunset with oil pastels and maybe I’ll do it on a canvas. ^.^

IHeArTrOcK20 says:

why would you say that?

suicidekika says:

I want to see how to do the other part too xD

leechunghon2009 says:

waste of money and oil pastels

ADOM182 says:

i cant imagine it being to different at all

Bitcrossfire says:

would it work well whit a canvas board?

lark8501 says:

Very helpful! Thank you!

kiraqify says:

I love these videos.. I really get into them, I’m sitting here nodding or saying “ok,.. i seeee” and my family thinks i’m goin crazy.

usfrulez says:


gracederamos03 says:

wow.. pretty good :)

VisualVocals says:

very good :3

coolio666667777 says:

how doyou do the bottom? Can you please post a video about that

coolio666667777 says:


ilovetedibears says:

this video helped me soo much.thanks..but how do u do the bottom of it the reflected side??? can u plz post a vid about the other half???

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