Still Life Painting Tutorial in Oil. Paint without drawing first

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The most comprehensive tutorial on how to paint still life in oil paint without the need to draw first. This ‘how to paint’ demonstration video is a free 25 minute lesson of educational tutorial on tonal painting techniques in a wet in wet alla prima style.


katlovesradiohead says:

Oh thanks so much Jeffrey. That was so fun and inspiring to watch! I did so few still lifes long ago, but I still have one in my kitchen which I’ve never tired of. ´╗┐ And, thanks for showing the palette. How long does all that paint last on there before it gets hard and dry? My palette is small and I stick it in the freezer when not using. Thanks again, I love watching in real time like that. I’m gonna have to try one!

Jeffrey Murphy says:

Thanks for your comment Kat. I prescribe everyone who is learning to paint to practice painting still life. It teaches you everything´╗┐ you need to know about painting.
The palette shown is my small palette, I have a few! As you can see I just let the paint build up. The freezer is a good idea to keep your paint fresh. As I am painting most days the paint hasn’t got the chance to go hard though it does start to build up before I scrape it all back. Cheers and happy painting.

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